The Book “Fertility Journey”

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This book has been a long time coming. It took me quite a while to compile all of our medical records with pricing and go through our journals and calendars with a fine tooth comb for our timelines. After writing and rewriting and editing and re-editing this book about 100 times the book is finally available for purchase! 

I wanted to write a blog about it to explain why this book is so important especially in todays world. The infertility of the human race is growing every year. The fertility industry is a 22 million dollar industry expected to reach a 31 billion dollar price point in the next 5 years!

61 million cis straight women in America are infertile. That doesn’t include gay, trans, or single women that also want to maybe have a baby. And 3.5 million straight couples about 1 in 6 couples in Britain are infertile. Again not including gay, trans, single people. So the amount of people wanting/needing fertility treatment is much higher than reported. 

This book will give you a step by step guide on where to start. How to pick the right doctor for you, how to advocate for what you want your journey to look like. You are going to spend a large sum of money on this process as insurance will only cover a couple things such as blood work & pregnancy tests if you’re lucky. In our story we paid 100% out of pocket. But I also share some tricks for getting around that as well. There are little tricks and secrets along the way that you learn only by going through it. I don’t want anyone going through this rigorous process feeling anxious or unsure of what’s happening. 

This book is a wealth of information that will help you with planning, knowing what to expect during the process. It’s very easy to get taken advantage of in this industry. Having someone go through multiple rounds of unnecessary treatments when the odds are so slim isn’t fair to you as the patient. Know the in’s and out’s without hesitation. I’ve also shared my email address in the book for anyone that would like to reach out. 

I hope this book helps people feel empowered in their decisions during treatment.


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