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This is mine and Erica's 8th maybe 9th whole30. This time we wanted to commit to a whole60 just for the challenge. We have completed so many 30's before I thought a 60 would be fun! 

So by day 37 it had felt like the longest 7 days of my life!! I was chatting with my friend who is also on this journey with Erica and I. And all 3 of us were a lot board with our food options. We found ourselves not wanting to eat because we were getting sick of our options. Both my friend and I were experiencing some different stomach things. She went to her....we call him the "witch doctor" and basically she was eating way too many nuts so that wasn't serving her. And I was experiencing something else that I has been having happen my last two whole30's. It's a bit TMI so I'll just leave it at that. But I think it has something to do with the whole30 coffee creamer "nut pods." You have to put so damn much in your coffee for it to actually taste good and I end up having multiple cups because I feel like it's all I really look forward too in the day. So yeah it's clearly too much for my stomach.

Anyways. Erica and I decided we were going to fall off the wagon on Valentine's Day. And then I decided I want to do a transition until that day so I didn't just go off the rails all on one day and feel like shit the next day.

So on the night of day 37 I had 1/2 cup of brown rice (I know I was suppose to start with beans first) with my normal whole30 dinner. The next day being day 38 I ate whole30 all day again until dinner when I added 1/2 cup of white rice. So far so good. I still feel very energized and I like to do this type of small transitioning just to see if anything triggers me. So today is day 41 and I've been doing whole30 all day and just doing 1/2 a cup of rice. I noticed the night before last the rice was making me feel way too full and bloated. So last night on day 40 I didn't a 1/2 a cup of beans with my whole30 dinner and felt good. 

Also they say when you are adding back in a food item for example beans you should do it at every meal so you can really see if there is any adverse effects. So for breakfast eggs with banana and peanut butter (peanuts are legumes), then hummus with lunch and then bean stew for dinner. Then you will have a good idea how legumes really effect you. 

I am noticing this time around that my digestive system is more regular when I'm on whole30. I think we do a lot of fiber full starches so that's probably why. Also I am lactose intolerant, but not bad bad it just makes me cough and maybe have a stomach pain. I'm not big on cheese or anything anyways during my food freedom. The dairy I do use usually is half & half in my coffee and maybe that little bit is messing with me. So my last two whole30s I stayed on nutpod creamers for a while. It's fun to learn things like this while doing a transition. Because you're kind of still on whole30 and finding the road map to your triggers. Keeping notes can help you remember for your next whole30. 

I'm going to post some resources below for doing a longer whole30 & transitioning back into your food freedom.

longer whole30 help:  https://whole30.com/whole30-plus/

Why you might want an extended whole30? because you're feeling so good, you have maximum energy, you have no pain, you have an autoimmune disorder, you have a history of bad cravings, no self control, etc. etc. There's many reasons to want to stay on a whole30 longer. Is it the right move for you?

I can only speak for me and I thought I had done so many 30's that maybe a 60's would be fun. Also I do have some gut issues and thankfully know what my triggers are because of whole30. So really I was just challenging myself. But it turns out it's a little hard than it sounds. The first 30 days was so simple this time around because I new I had 30 more after it. But instead of doing a 100% for 60 days we decided to do a slow long transition this time. Which means 1 day or meal off the wagon and two days back on the wagon. Or something along those lines. It's a great way to still hold on to that tiger blood energy without having FOMO (fear of missing out) too bad. 

 Here's a great guide on reintroduction and how to do it fast or slow. 



Some advice from someone who has completed many whole30s. Don't be so hard on yourself anything over 30 days is a success!!! And everyday you stick to whole30 is huge accomplishment. The tiger blood is real and it's what keeps us coming back every time. Have some juicy fruits available for when you're having a moment. I love doing whole30 in the summer because I feel amazing and hydrated with the available fruit in the summer. But this time around (January) I ate fresh ripe juicy sweet grapefruit. You would be surprised at how satisfying fruit will become after being on whole30 for even just a week. 

Good luck and feel better 


                 Here's everything you need to know about the whole30





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